The Bombay Collective Musician’s Meet – A Brief Recap


On 6th April, 2018, four bedroom producers decided to showcase their new idea, an idea that would bring talented minds together and ‘The Bombay Collective (TBC)’ was born. Paras Goswami, Meet Dave, Priyanshu Gautam and Raj Majethia have been producing and performing in the music scene for quite a few years under different aliases. The need of a local community to support, grow, and curate artists was something they all felt. This is when ‘TBC’ was thought of, of whose first product was the ‘The Bombay Collective-Phase I’. ‘The Bombay Collective-Phase I’ was a meet up held for local musicians to come together and network at Socials, Vikhroli. The event started picking up once when Zain a.k.a XAEN (Music Entrepreneur, DJ and Producer) started supporting it. The first meet proved successful when one of the most renowned upcoming artists- The Neglected Ones (TNO) started supporting it. They also spoke about the scenario and how to make your way to the top. They also shared their experiences and how they started their alias. Rahul Bade, a.k.a Rabinik, who is a DJ/Producer and an artist manager too, also gave advises to the crowd and shared his own experience. The event winded up with the TNO, checking out the producers’ work in progress tracks and demos and gave feedbacks on the same. Rahul and Zain, also gave their views on some demos brought by the producers in the event.

Here’s what they had to say about the event:



Xaen started the event by sharing some golden words from his experience in the music industry.

Some of the most important things he suggested the aspiring talents were:

  1. To build a team of people with the same interest.

  2. Play the “help me help you” game because no one would do anything for you until you do something for them.

  3. First learn how to produce good music before actually getting into the scene. Have patience.

  4. Analyze the audience and try to understand the human psychology because when you  wanna get into the scene, you gotta give the people what they wanna hear. You can’t just give them what you feel like at this stage.

  5. This is the best decade to be alive. Make the full use of the INTERNET.

  6. Don’t run behind companies to sign you for petty shows and then blame them that they don’t pay you properly. You need to understand that they are doing business and not social services, hence you gotta make sure that you give them business before expecting from them.

  7. Do this by building a brand around your name.

Xaen has always been a step ahead to guide and mentor the upcoming talents and he says:

It’s really funny that people actually listen to me and find it helpful because as of now I myself haven’t officially launched my brand. But guess what? I’m still gonna send it hahaha! Y”ll can slide into my DMs anytime you need a suggestion or some advice. It won’t cost ya anything and maybe you could find something useful hahah cheers!

You can connect with Xaen on his Instagram: @xaenhere


“ The producers had an immense enthusiasm and a will to learn more. It’s important to build a community and network to share ideas, knowledge, collaborate in order to make it to the pinnacle. The TBC, as an initiative did a good job.”

-TNO [DJ/Producer]

“The Bombay Collective- Phase 1 meetup with TNO was off the hook. Thank you for the invitation. It was great sharing knowledge with young and aspiring talent.”

-Rabinik[DJ/Producer/Artist Manager]

“When we started planning out this event with Paras and others we were a little bit unsure about it’s success. Would people attend and would they benefit anything was our major concern. The feedbacks of the people and how grateful they were for the event gave us the satisfaction and proved that all of it was worth it. We’re planning out another meetup soon and trying to make this one better.”  – Meet Dave(R), Sanchit Gide(L) a.k.a  ‘M.S.U.N’ (Music Producer/Curator of TBC)

The goal of the event was to socialize with musicians that lived in the proximity and to also gain insights from people who have already made to the top and are still trying their best to go higher. THE BOMBAY COLLECTIVE is soon planning out another meetup in collaboration. This one’s going to be more helpful and more fun, is in the talks.

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